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Ever since hearing Pete Tong announce ‘Chica Wappa’ as his Essential New Tune back in 2004, we’ve been following the bold Alex Smoke on his musical journey. Coming from Glasgow, we’ve shared a lot of common influences - both from within and outside of the city and we have Alex to thank for introducing and strengthening our love for the likes of Villalobos, Rhythm & Sound, Carl Craig and Actress, amongst others. Although he was a familiar face on the ‘minimal’ scene, he always operated on his own terms and that’s a throughline we’ve admired throughout his career. Not only is he comfortable releasing techno on Soma and R&S, he’s produced for ballet, films and even the NHS. Over the years, Alex has played at a few seminal parties for us; alongside the likes of Oni Ayhun, James Holden, Helena Hauff and Veronica Vasicka. So we were delighted to be approached by him to work on a record together and it’s been really exciting to hear it evolve over time. It would be arrogant to compare it to Thom Yorke’s - The Eraser, but it certainly occupies a similar world in our mind. To still be producing innovative and inspiring albums 15 years into a career is no mean feat in this age and it’s a great honour to welcome such a musical hero on to the label. As with the last Auntie Flo album, we’re also lining up a very special remix package with a swarm of our favourite producers of the moment and we can’t wait to share them with you too over the course of the year. *Huntleys & Palmers

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