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Release: UK 13

"Shoulda Rolla" is the product of an almighty collaboration between Tectonic head honcho Pinch and Rinse FM's very own tribal roller, Roska. Returning to the studio together as a follow up session to 2010's 'Paranormal Activity' (as featured on TEC048) the pair have come up with something that sounds both familiar and fresh in equal measures - revitalising many ghosts of grime and dubstep past with brain bending atmospherics, precision drum programming and a full enaging tribal momentum. Flip then for the deadly "Asbestos" which continues in the vibe of Roska's recent Tectonic output; "Blurry", "Spearhead" and "480 BC". Taking on his 140bpm stance, Roska flips the dubstep / half-step script on its head - instead opting for rapid, meticulous drum programming and charging pace. Packed with enough sub bass weight to shake a sound system to pieces and a demented mid range sound that emulates a enraged robotic elephant, "Asbestos" is one for the deeper heads who like to move their feet. *tectonic

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