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We present the amazing story of We The People, a 60s teen band from L.A (not to be confused with the other band with the same name from Florida) who created an amazing blend of garage, folk- rock & psychedelic sounds. Between 1967 and 1968, the band, comprised of four young kids, recorded a few 45s for the Reena label, two of them released under the American Zoo name. Despite their young age, the band members were accomplished musicians / songwriters. They debuted in 1967 with ''Feelings of my emptiness'' / ''For no one to see'', two amazing pieces of moody garage with superb vocal harmonies and arrangements. Their second 45, ''Back Street Thoughts'' / ''Who Am I?'' offered two pieces of introspective psychedelia with some over the top tape/echo effects courtesy of Dal Kacher, a session guitar player and sound engineer who had been part of early Mothers Of Invention. ''Who Am I?'' was included decades later in ''Diminishing Returns'', a famous psych mix by DJ Shadow. In 1968, the group released their third 45, this time under the American Zoo name: ''Mr. Brotherhood'' / ''Magdalena'' were another two examples of outstanding garage- psychedelia. A second pressing of the 45 was released featuring a new mix of ''Mr. Brotherhood'' losing one minute but incorporating some wild electronic effects. *Guerssen

Genre: 60s / Garage / R´n´R
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