10" white vinyl, limited to 700. White Hills and RMFTM are the latest additions to Fuzz Club Split Single crew. RMFTM offer 'Decadence' - typical of their explorative style. Coming in at just under ten minutes long the track opens on harsh industrial noise pounding through a constant wash of eerie reverb, guitar riffs chime in as tooth-rattling percussion submerges you further into this huge, ethereal wall of noise. 'Decadence' is truly testament to the bands limitless avant-garde capabilities. White Hills contribute their space-rock epic ou Pass By' - a climactic otherworldly mix of swirling electronics building up as deep bass roils beneath singer Dave W's gravelly vocals until the song erupts into a whirlwind of bluesy distorted guitars and screeching feedback, underpinned by a chilling spoken word sample. *Fuzz Club

10"col 26,50€*

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