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KILLERGROOVE FORMULA, out of money - malente rmx cover

The first track to be taken off the debut album 'Territory: World'. 'Out Of Money' features one of the hottest new UK talents: Sean Leander a.k.a. Master Slim a.k.a The Good Samaritan. Alongside his partner Nico, Slim delivers some irresistably positive raps about being outta wonga. 'Money makes the world go round, Although for me it is the root of all evil,' explains Slim, 'this is a song with a slight comical twist meaning as funny as it comes across, it's as serious as it can get. The message is that almost everybody has experienced what it's like to go without money; but it’s up to us to teach ourselves how to deal with that and not to see it in a negative way. In other words, don't let money rule your life... money rules the world; well sadly it does: But my interpretation on this record is supposed to encourage others to see money from another angle or a different perspective. Of course we all need money nowadays to survive but it should not be our main goal as it can very suddenly create greed, un-happiness and destroy lives quicker than we think. There are enough examples out there in the world right in front of us... a few outsiders asked me why I was rappin about being outta money and not about Bling Bling!!! Like the majority of rappers. They couldn’t understand which just goes to show how corrupt our world really is. *Lounge rec.

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