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Gebunden, 128 Seiten (290 x 222 mm), Sprache: Englisch. How to Disappear - it's a question the artist Moki has approached in an endless variety of ways and now it has become the title of an extensive new monograph of her work. Presented in this book are works created by the artist in recent years, largely photorealistic acrylic paintings interfused with comic book aspects. These beautifully enigmatic pictures can be both unsettling and charming, strange and yet familiar. Frequently they feature landscapes reminiscent oflonely northern places such as isolated stretches of land in Scandinavia and Iceland, or a mythical subarctic continent with frozen lakese, untouched meadows of moss, mysterious caves, and mountain ranges sculpted by wind and water into anatomical shapes. These are archtypal landscapes within which fantastich animals live and from which shadowy black creatures protrude into the sky. Landscapes in which human beings exist whose bodies merge with their surroundings in the partially surreal sense of a dream, disguising themselves, letting themselves dissolve into the environs. Here, in the solitude and security of nature, disappearing seems an obvious act. Nature is disappearings friendly assistant. Moki lives and works in Hamburg where she studied at the Hamburg Academy of Arts. Besides the paintings she is also involved in making animations, comics, performances and soft toy sculptures and is active in international art groups and the Street Art scene. *Ginko

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