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Everland Jazz have picked a real gem for a reissue here! Originally released in 1980, "A Safe Return" is the second album by the Surinam jazz flutist RONALD SNIJDERS. It is a strong alloy of soul, funk, jazz and smooth disco sounds! Mersmerizing musical craftsmanship! “Lenox” the opening track, has a playful haze escaping from every groove,with a solid hypnotical rhythmical base and haunting flute melodies that have the character of the lead vocals. Despite the slower pace, the jazzy approach of all instrumental parts brings in enough edge to capture the listener’s attention. The few dreamy vocal lines add the slick pop element that takes this song to a different level and keeps it accessible. “Surinam Lady“, the next tune, on the other hand has a lightweight feeling with a beautiful lead melody from the flute and easy slow dance rhythms with a latin touch. All instrumental lines are tightly intervowen in arrangements that make this a perfect tune. Easy to listen, easy to enjoy, but still a complex soundscape with captivating changes in the melodies and instrumental dialogues that tie up your senses to the composition. „Kaseko attack“ the third tune really does justice to it’s title.The rhythms are powerful, the pace is faster. Bass and percussions create a whirlwind of groove due to another quite complex web of different instruments like maracas, drums, tambourines and whatever can be used to make rhythmical noises. *Replica

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