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Fat Possum's Worried Blues series features full-length, rare and out of print releases from some of the blues' greatest practitioners, all availabel on vinyl for the first time. Beautifully packaged with liner notes from musician/historian Elijah Wald. "Like Alan Lomax had done starting in the late 1930s as he collected blues and folk music, Adelphi records founder Gene Rosenthal, with the help of guitarist John Fahey, combed the country looking for blues artists whose work had been neglected or lost, re-recording them from '63- '72. The materials had a limited release in the '90s, but this time the work is available on vinyl as well. There's so much material here, it'll take a while to get through it, but it's no chore. The recording quality is excellent, and the cuts are a good sampling of each artist's strengths and weaknesses. This is a warts-and-all production, no sweetening or overdubs. Raw, real, and mesmerizing." *No Depression

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