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Tim ist der Gründer und Haupt-Songwriter von Califone und Red Red Meat.Craig ist produzent, Songwriter und Kollaborateur für Acts wie Shearwater, Lisa Germano, Spoon, Patty Griffin, Robert Plant oder Daniel Johnston. On their previous effort, 2016's Guitars Tuned to Air Conditioners, these songwriters built a long-form drone, a study in electricity and tension. Their followup album, 10 Seconds To Collapse, takes a different tact: its seven songs employ deconstructed pop melodies, blown-out folk rock, and woozy psychedelia. A true collaboration-Ross and Rutili split songwriting, lyrical, and instrumentation duties- it rings with a melodic complexity befitting its skewed, side wise narrative, black comedy rumination about the end of the world, prisons, desert cities, and errant gods. The two began working together on Stitches, the 2013 album by Rutili's long-running collective Califone. Applying the equal division of labor that defined their last effort now to mutated sing-song melodies, this album was assembled over a long stretch, with Rutili visiting Ross's Austin, Texas studio over the course of two years. The two tore into the compositions, rearranging and breaking them down, navigating the spaces between familiarity and experimentation. While the duo shared a vocabulary of pop references, it was in the untangling of familiar themes that they found the resonant strangeness that defines the record, that makes it as rollicking as it is apocalyptic. Like the album's cover art, which features pop art cut-ups by SHANESWANK, it recontextualizes fantastical images in surprising, daring ways. *Jealous Butcher

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