BRIDGE AND TUNNEL – rebuilding year (CD, LP Vinyl)

Vinyl kommt im Gatefold-Cover mit Download-Code und ist farbig! * Sonically anchored by a guitar-driven melodicism reminiscent of later-era Small Brown Bike, Bridge and Tunnel harness the explosive, angular technique employed by luminaries like Fugazi and Cursive to convey a cutting sense of immediacy and intensity. Bookended by soaring atmospheric compositions, the roots of the album lie in a commanding mastery of complex rhythm and a precision born of both tireless effort and innate chemistry. Above it all, their voices weave together through a range of emotionally-laden tones as somber harmonies flip on a fill to a wrenching howl that echoes the desperation and defiance they’ve put to paper * No Idea.

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LP+MP3 21,90€* Lieferzeit min. 1 Woche**

US 11

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