CHICKEN SNAKE – shapeshifter (LP Vinyl)

Vinyl (LP) wird derzeit nachgefertigt – lieferbar sobald wieder verfügbar! From New Orleans, USA, Chicken Snake is back with its 6th LP released on Beast Records. This Chicken Snake line up includes Jerry and Pauline Teel, and the boys from Brazil, Marco Butcher and Luis Tissot (also involved into Jesus and The Groupies with Walter Daniels). The pedigree of its members is staggering. Jerry Teel, vocals, guitar and blues harp, has kicked major ass for years in bands like The Chrome Cranks, Honeymoon Killers, Knoxville Girls, Boss Hog and Big City Stompers. If those names don´t spark some recognition, then, go to bed. Any band can play the blues, or country-blues, but with a crack team like this, you get a lot more than you expect, which makes this a highly entertaining outing. * Beast

LP 19,90€* Lieferzeit unbekannt

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