garage punk unknowns vol. 6

Release: D 16
Label: CRYPT

15 prime slabs of mid-60s USA garage punk acenessfocusing on the super-crude side of things in Gatefold Sleeved luxury with liner notes, band photos, label scans. (Note: This is an entirely New series and none of these tracks were on the old series "Garage Punk Unknowns" !) Tracks: The Plague "Point Blank", Caedman And The Nobles "More Than A Kiss", The Starfyres "Captain Dueseldorph", The Uniteds "Lucky End", The Grey Stokes "The Ballad Of Tarzan", The Fuzztones "We're In Love", The Torments "I Love You More Each Day", Sir Kenneth And The Yorkshire Coachmen "Set You Free", The Druids "Too Shy", The Night Crawlers "Let´s Move", The Riots "You´re My Baby" 12. The Sires "Come To Me Baby",The Esquires "You Got Another Thing Comin´ ", Wet Paint "If I Don´t See Her Tonight", Jonathan with Orchestra "The Mummy". *Crypt

Genre: 60s / Garage / R´n´R
LP 16,50€*

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