GREY HAIRS – serious business (CD, LP Vinyl)

Auf 500 Stück limitiertes blue-clear Vinyl! In the 70's we were born, in the 80's we were raised, in the 90's we drank to Nirvana, Fugazi (yes, you can drink to Fugazi) and TAD, and in the 00's we began feeling the weight as everything began looping back on itself. And now? Now we're fucked, we own nothing; financially we go from month to month. You can post all your memes and your dog chasing mouse chasing cat chasing sex' videos in an attempt to portray you're over the moon. You can post all the pictures you want of your children yet you KNOW you're only doing it cos you're not spending enough time with them, you're staring down the barrel of your 40's and you hate every fucker out there. This is Grey Hairs second album, perfectly placed to document the times. 2015's 'Colossal Downer' with its grim faced party child on the cover was the band on early good form, now they're warmed the fuck up and are playing tense. The playing is tightly wound around the vocals, which are set to attack - attacking themselves, attacking the generation. This is a band of lifers, with history going back including Peel Sessions and touring the world. But as with all lifers it's in the blood. You can pile your life into trying to get famous doing music or you can go your own way. Grey Hairs are the latter. These characters put shows on in their home city. They come from the same DIY blood stream as set up by Black Flag or UK punx like Heresy or The Stupids. Check the video for the Grey Hairs tune Serious Business. The Dude done Notts style. Paranoid and shambling, Benny Hill - esque speed walking around Ripley and Nottingham. Haunted and chased by the grim reaper / death from Bill and Ted's. Even hanging out with ultimate lifer John Otway in the boozer. You gotta keep moving, keep the reaper at bay. Grey Hairs are channelling aggressive surf rock and some of the lesser known 80's and 90's bands of their optimistic riddled youth, now seen through the eyes of the barrel staring 10's. It's 100% definitely punk rock, but it's way more than that. You want a soundbite, go hunt your own. But I'm saying Takeshi Terauchi vs The Wipers done Notts style, this time it's war. Paranoid Time, The Minutemen done by The Fall and the B52's. It's a total monster, the more you listen the more you hear. Joe Thompson (Hey Colossus/Henry Blacker). *Gringo

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