HEADS – nobody knows (LP Vinyl)

In 2014, The Heads reissued their 2000 album Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere in full deluxe, remastered glory and to much acclaim. To the deluxe five-LP box set edition they added a 70-minute CD packed with demos and unheard versions of material recorded in the rehearsal room on a walkman. For Record Store Day 2015, and to celebrate their rare live performances at Roadburn 2015, Simon Price took the material he edited for the bonus CD and added more tracks to the pot. With the mastering expertise / tape-polishing skills of Shawn Joseph, Price created a warts ´n´ all document of the time in The Heads’ rehearsal space just prior to the recording of the Every Knows album. This double-LP presents ten tracks of the artists in their element: raw and alive in the rehearsal room, tracks being formed, prototype Heads riffs in the sonic gloop. Hear this era of the band in all its speaker-blowing, walkman-warping glory - a true psychedelic rock document. Nobody Knows is packaged in a Price-designed sleeve - a gatefold sleeve, naturally! A true fin de siècle work, Nobody Knows is a closing chapter, a sonic glossary to the band’s Everybody Knows legacy. * Rooster

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