NAch 4 Jahren mal wieder ein 4 Tracker vom Jungle-isten I.Lasterfahrer, der es auf den 4 Tracks ordentlich schnackeln lässt zwischen Drum & Bass, Breakbeats, Hardcore-Jungle und sich wiederholenden eingeworfenen Vocal-Samples. Starting up with percussive synth clonks "extasy" jumps right into polyrythmic territory. from the exodus to extasy transformed a stuttering vocal sample and suddenly the euphoria kicks in and there we go hooked on a house piano progression that let’s into high tension rave mayham. “pressure” following up blends from footwork into hardcore jungle, we keeped locked-on in hanging patterns of breaks. Flipside starts dubby with "riddance", a dark jazzdub track with a rolling bass line and hickuped vocal samples. disjunced percussions from the echochamber and wild feedback synth explosions. "doubt & dispair" brings us back outside on the street, darkstyle tune of the more experimental corner. harsh springreverb thunders and filered breaks fighting for clear spaces. *Soazialistischer Plattenbau

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