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Gebunden! Launched in 1976, Punk magazine announced an exploding youth movement, a new direction in American counterculture. Punk was to magazines what the stage at CBGB was to music: the gritty, live-wired, throbbing center of the punk universe. Despite its low-rent origins, the mag was an overnight success in the underground music scene, selling out every print run across the US and UK. Every musician who appeared on the cover of Punk became an icon of the era. But Punk not only championed music, it became a launching pad for writers, artists, cartoonists, and graphic designers. And the wacky, sardonic, slapstick vibe of the magazine resonated with an international army of music fanatics who were ready to burn their bell bottoms and stage-dive into the punk universe. Mit Interviews mit den Ramones, Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, Jerry Nolan, Johnny Thunders u.v.a. Ausserdem mit unzähligen Fotos, Comicstrips, den legendären Fotomontagen und Artikeln über die creme de la creme des Punk, also Patti Smith, die Ramones, Blondie, die Sex Pistols, Dictators, John Cale, das CBGB, The Clash, Lou Reed, David Johansen, Lester Bangs, Eddie & The Hot Rods u.v.a. 372 Seiten * Harper Collins

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