LIFE SCARS – pekniete serca (LP Vinyl)

Colored Vinyl! There is a certain melancholy in the music of life scars that speaks of tenderness and confidence. The beauty of the rebellion and the clarity of the critique are empowering in the face of a dying world. Originally founded in 2008 and based in the most eastern part of Poland, Life Scars became one of the most active and consistent bands in the polish DIY Punkscene. "Pekniete Serca" (broken hearts) is their fourth record and by far their most remarkable and impressive one. Six years after their previous output, they developed their sound further, adding a second guitar, more crust riffs appearing now in their simple punk sound. It is a political album that confronts the misery of the world without losing one´s tenderness. Captivating, melodic, danceable - but always with the fist in the air. Recorded and mixed by Marcin Klimczak, Mustache Ministry Studio in Warsaw and mastered by Brad Boatright, Audiosiege. * Contraszt

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