LOLA LOLA – killed a man in a field (7" Vinyl)

With their roots in the ever pulsating and innovative creative movement in the city of Porto, LOLA LOLA were formed in 2014, from the union of a very experienced and tested musical trio: Tiago Gil (Guitar), Miguel Lourenço (Bass) e Hélder Coelho (Drums), all formerly of Os Tornados, to which were added the disconcerting voice of Carla Capela, known in Porto’s nightlife circuit as DJ Just Honey, and a powerful baritone sax, currently in the hands of the master Rui Teixeira. A-side, “Killed a Man in a Field” is a rip of primordial simplicity, with a melody set on a dense and secure base, asking for a journey inside each one. As if it wasn´t enough, they offer us on the B-side, a withering interpretation of the indisputable “Somebody’s Always Trying” by Joy Byers, for the epicenter of the dance floor, with which no one can stand still. * Chaputa!

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