L.T.S. is 40 years old… so Tony Feedback went into the studio to record a new 13 song album with the amazing musicians John Woodward and Ian Whitewood, who are also responsible for the incredible sound. Like in the „good old days“ each song was live produced in the studio. The golden handcraft on this album is to express all their favourite music styles to a splendid own sound. On the surface, we still move somewhere between Punk & Mod. But it is not really the case, because there is so much more. It´s a real treat how they manage to incorporate for example Rhythm & Blues, Country Blues, Chicago Blues and Folk. So the ghosts of all their favourite artists are coursing through the grooves of this record. If the Yardbirds with Jimi Hendrix on guitar and Tony Feedback on vocals with his insurgent Mod lyrics had released their first record in 1977 when they were teenagers, they would sound something like this!!! * Time For Action

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