MESSED UP – everything you believe in (CD, LP Vinyl)

Four grrrls from the city of Grodno near the Polish and Lithuanian borders. The quartet was founded in 2015 with the will to escape the lethargy of their post-Soviet homeland and to face the social expectations and constraints of their own environment with self-empowerment and creativity. In the small Belarusian subculture, which is often affected by repression and incomprehension, at least a temporary escape from everyday society is possible; touring through other cities and neighbouring countries expands ones own horizon better than Instagram and The band is quickly at home in a D.I.Y. scene in which bands, promoters and clubs know each other well and often have to act on the edge of illegality. Contacts to like-minded musicians with emancipatory agendas such as Mister X lead through What we feel to Feine Sahne Fischfilet who always work closely with the local bands of the anti-fascist scene at their former USSR concerts and support them vice versa in Germany. * Audiolith

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