SP 16

Bedroom / lo- fi psychedelia by these unsung heroes from the 80s DIY cassette culture scene. From outsider synth- pop to Barrett- esque lysergic folk, from lo- fi garage- punk to basement prog: acid- fuzz guitars, cheap keyboards, primitive electronics, homemade vibe and bizarre, funny lyrics. Pig Rider were formed in Kent, UK, in the late 60s by John Mayes and Colin Kitchener. With the help from some friends they recorded and self- released a series of acetate only psych- folk albums in the mid- 70s (''Heterophonies'', ''Bloody Turkey Sandwiches''?) which are prime examples of early DIY psychedelic music, highly sought- after since a review of ''Heterophonies'' appeared on the Galactic Ramble book. In 2013, collector Alexandre Mansuy (from the influential ''Somewhere There Is Music'' blog), having only listened to their ''Heterophonies'' album, found John and Colin and was astonished when they told him their story: ''Heterophonies'' was only one of their many, many great recordings, 22 in all, including 45s, acetates and tapes. Those included complete, and to date unperformed, opera for schools, a song- cycle about Luton, a town they knew nothing about; songs designed to be played backwards, songs which are slightly offensive and others which are too offensive to play at all, anywhere, ever. *Guerssen

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PIG RIDER, bloody turkey sandwiches cover
bloody turkey sandwiches
(SP 16)
PIG RIDER, heterophonies cover
(SP 16)
PIG RIDER, robinson scratch theory cover
robinson scratch theory
(SP 16)
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