BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES – alive as fuck (LP Vinyl)

Das "Punk-Ass-Blues-Duo" live aufgenommen in einer heißen Nacht im Juli 2009 in der Wohnung von Dr. Johnny Walker (u.a. Soledad Brothers). "With a sound that's blues-rooted but steeped in Stooges sludge, the Heavies' cranky, cranked-up sets burn black as tire fires. Stylistically, BDH is often lumped in with R.L. Burnside and Tom Waits. That's a fine place to start, but the comparison misses the band's joy and boogie. Instead, think Exile on Main Street recorded in Howlin' Wolf's casket. Nothing smooth or clean here. Just eight-bar skronk in bad need of a tetanus shot." * Alive

LP 19.90€* Delivery time at least 1 week**

US 09

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