CRASS – best before 1984 (CD, LP Vinyl)

Kollektion aller klassischen Crass-EPs, Flexis und eines Live-Tracks. Enthält Lyrics sowie Infos über das Leben und die Verbrechen der Band. Deluxe double CD package re-mastered by Alex Gordon and Penny Rimbaud at Abbey Road Studios in 2018. Contains the original album plus a further album's worth of related material; good, bad and indifferent. Half the band want it out while the other half wanted out, buy hey, here it is in all its glory. This deluxe release includes five fold-out posters and an illustrated 52 page booklet containing lyrics and contextual notes. There is also the added bonus of creating an enlarged Crass logo when owning the complete set.*One Little Indep.

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UK 19

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