DES ARK – wxdu vol. 3 (LP Vinyl)

For everyone who has ever seen Des Ark live, you know already (before even hearing it) that this record is worth picking up. For all those out-of-the-loop, Des Ark is something to obsess over. To say Aimée Argote is a prolific songwriter is a complete understatement. She’s constantly creating and constantly touring, and you shouldn’t ever miss an opportunity to see her perform live. The 9 songs on this twelve-inch were recorded live on WXDU 88.7 by Ross Grady back in January of 2010 and were performed by a solo Des Ark - that means it is just Aimée with her guitar and voice, backed occasionally by her friend Johnny with some additional guitar parts. The vinyl itself is sort of an orange marbled color, and the cover art features a beautiful two-color screen-print; if you were to open up the gatefold and throw this album cover behind a frame, you’d have one seriously dynamite print to display in your house * Paramnesia Rec.

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