How to order

  • Easiest way: via basket on our website.

Other possibilities:

  • write to us,
  • via fax to +49 (0)761 2089911 (Our order form is here),
  • call us +49 (0)761 208990 (Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm) or
  • via e-mail:

We will send you an e-mail as soon as your packages leaves our store.

We ship to the following countries and ONLY TO THESE: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK .

See also our FAQ (German only)

Orders within Germany

We normally ship within 5 days. Articles that we do not have in stock or articles with longer delivery periods have a note in the description.

Shipping expenses

We charge for postage and packing:
Post (DHL): 5.00€ .
Orders with a value of 50.00€ or more will be free of shipping expenses.


Payment is possible by

  • debit
    The invoice amount will be charged on the day of delivery.
  • C.O.D
    plus 5.50€
  • Paypal
    Payment occurs at time of booking, credit memo will be refunded on the day of delivery.
  • Paypal Express
    No Flight 13 customer account needed. Payment occurs at time of booking, credit memo will be refunded on the day of delivery.
  • credit card
    VISA, Euro / Mastercard - Payment occurs at time of booking, credit memo will be refunded on the day of delivery.

For more information see terms and conditions. (German only)

International orders

Please be aware that export shipments outside of Germany will not arrive within 24 hours but might take a couple of days longer. Normally we ship within 1 week. If we have to re-order items for you, orders can take up to 2-3 weeks. Please list alternative titles to guarantee faster service!

Shipping expenses

Country Post-free over Deliveryman Postage and packing
Austria 150.00€ Post (DHL) 9.00€
Belgium 150.00€ Post (DHL) 9.00€
Bulgaria 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Croatia 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Czech Republic 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Denmark 150.00€ Post (DHL) 9.00€
Estonia 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Finland 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
France 250.00€ Post (DHL) 11.00€
Greece 250.00€ Post (DHL) 15.00€
Hungary 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Ireland 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Italy 250.00€ Post (DHL) 11.00€
Latvia 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Lithuania 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Luxembourg 150.00€ Post (DHL) 9.00€
Netherlands 150.00€ Post (DHL) 9.00€
Norway 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Poland 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Portugal 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Romania 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Slovakia 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Slovenia 250.00€ Post (DHL) 11.00€
Spain 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Sweden 250.00€ Post (DHL) 13.00€
Switzerland 500.00€ Post (DHL) 15.00€
UK 250.00€ Post (DHL) 11.00€

All prices in € (EUR) incl. German VAT.


Payment for international orders (Except Austria) is possible by Paypal or credit card.

Customs duty, taxes and other fees may apply on deliveries to non EU Countries. More information can be found on following websites: (Swiss)

Terms & conditions

Our terms & conditions are here terms and conditions. (German only)

+49 (0)761 208 990 0163-6276994 10am - 6pm, Mo - Fr

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