MOTORPSYCHO – salad days vol. 1 (LP Vinyl)

If there´s one thing the fans have been craving for when it comes to catalogue re-issues, this is surely it. It's simply incomprehensible that early Motorpsycho releases (except Demon Box) haven't been available on vinyl since they first came out some 30 years ago. Salad Days vol. 1 includes the following titles, with all artwork recreated from the very best available original sources and the music remastered from the original tapes where these were available. They are all placed in a sturdy slipcase. Limited to 2000 numbered copies. Lobotomizer Not repressed on vinyl since the initial release in 1991. Comes with the original gatefold and inner sleeve. Soothe Not repressed on vinyl since the initial release in 1992.Comes with the original outer and inner sleeve. Becoming Motorpsycho - Juvenilia, oddities and artefacts from the vaults, 1990-1993 Newly compiled 2LP vinyl-only collection of early singles, rarities, outtakes and never before released early-versions of music recorded during Motorpsycho's early days. Includes the full 3 Songs For Rut 7", as well as the complete 1992 Rut-sessions: the first versions of the music that eventually became Demon Box. Everything remastered from the original mixes. For the first time ever on LP! Comes in a striking die-cut gatefold sleeve! - SALAD DAYS vol 1 - Lobotomizer 1/Lobotomizer 2/Grinder 3/Hogwash 4/Home Of The Brave 5/Frances 6/Wasted 7/Eternity 8/T.F.C. Soothe 1/Lighthouse Girl 2/Sister Confusion 3/The Wait 4/Step Inside 5/We All Float Down Here 6/California Dreamin' Becoming Motorpsycho 1/Have Fun 2/Loaded 3/Some Real Mindfuck 4/California Dreamin' 5/We All Float Down Here Too! 6/Into The Sun 7/Blind Eyed Dog 8/Sunchild 9/Mason's Children 10/Babylon 11/Come On In 12/Mad Sun 13/Cherry Red 14/You Gave It All 15/The Sift 16/The Golden Core 17/Come On In 18/Demon Box * Rune Grammofon

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