MYKAL XUL – johnson county line (CD)

*23.6. With the release of Mykal Xul's new album, JOHNSON COUNTY LINE, it's plain to see the Hoosier race hasn't evolved much in the past three decades. Xul spins absurdly sick yarns, backed with a mix of folk, punk, blues, rockabilly, and especially hard rock with a 70s swagger. Tracks like "Spanktervision," "1st & 3rd," "Poontwang," and "Is Your Daughter Home?" are sure to set your booty shakin' and funny bone a spazzin', while "Mommy Went Bi," "She Must Be From Whiteland," and the title cut soothe your ass while still raping it! "Bullhead Clap," a tale of VD gone horribly wrong (yes, it's a real disease!), and "Ridin' The Cuke," a female empowerment anthem, ensure the rock keeps rollin' throughout the 13-song set. Also included are a latter-day Gizmos cover, the never-recorded "Hair On My Face," plus two bonus "radio edits" of "Is Your Daughter Home" and the title track. A low level sell-out move on Mykal's part? We'll see if the checks roll in...heehee! DISCLAMER: Gulcher Records accepts NO responsibility for any trauma induced, genital mutilation, or anuses defiled as a result of listening to this CD!

CD 12.00€* Delivery time at least 1 week**

US 09

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