O.S.T. – giulietta degli spiriti (nino roto) (LP Vinyl)

Nino Rota's soundtrack for Federico Fellini's Giulietta Degli Spiriti is full of circus music, not unlike Otto E Mezzo. The main theme "Amore Per Tutti" particularly oozes of cotton candy and carnival grounds; three-ring madness is made explicit with marching band extravaganzas like "La Ballerina Del Circo Snap." Nino Rota personalizes all this with abrupt stylistic changes, sinister organ runs, and ethereal vocal passages. He even gives the main theme a few dark, expressionistic spins on watery gems like "Il Giardino Delle Fate" while creating an especially effective pastiche of both existential and circus moods on "La Porticina Segreta." Further expanding the mix, Rota also includes some Tin Pan Alley, rock & roll, and cocktail jazz, elements that seem to pop up on most of his Fellini projects. And thanks to Rota's seamless arrangements and keen song sequencing, the musical mélange comes out whole. A perfect introduction to Rota's work. *At The Movies

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