SWEETHEART – art is dead is dead (CD)

"Frantic, driving and melodic blend of screamo and punk rock, fueled by dueling, technical guitar dialogue and soaring vocal harmonies from this young Ohio based quartet. This debut cd release collects their self released 7", four previously unreleased tracks and a plethora of intense enhanced video content. All tracks remastered by punk/metal godfather, Scott Hull at Visceral Sound (PG.99, PIG DESTROYER, SUNN, etc). Serious nods to PARTY OF HELICOPTERS, HARRIET THE SPY and OFF MINOR, as well as hints of influence from early GRAVITY and TROUBLEMAN UNLIMITED releases" (Nova). Für mich klingts wie ne Mischung aus depressiven Meneguar, Off Minor und New Brutalism - auf alle Fälle geiler Stoff! Großzügiger Videobonus!! * Perpetual Motion Machine.

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US 05

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