GUIDED BY VOICES – bee thousand (LP Vinyl)

Vinyl-Reissue mit Klappcover auf Scat. Das vielleicht beste GbV-Album von 94 war trotz garagigen Sounds auf jeden Fall das erste, mit dem ihre Bekanntheit über regionale Grade hinausging. `From the moment "Hardcore UFOs" kicks in, it's obvious that Robert Pollard has an uncanny gift for a hook and a melody, and Bee Thousand's twenty cuts are dotted with miniature masterpieces like "Echos Myron," "Smothered in Hugs," and "Queen of Cans and Jars." However, there are also more than a few duds that threaten to cancel out the good will the great songs generate, and Pollard is an acquired taste as a lyricist -- his freakishly poetic verse has a real charm, but it's hard to figure out what he's on about.´ (All Music Guide)

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US 15


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